ISSB Questions Related to Sex

  1. What is BP?

  2. Have you ever seen BP ?

  3. How many times you saw BP?

  4. Your face show you saw BP 5000000 time?

  5. Where you saw BP first time?

  6. Why you saw BP?

  7. After seeing you liked BP or not?

  8. After seeing Bp what you did?

  9. What is HP?

  10. Have you done HP ever?

  11. Why you did HP?

  12. Have you any boy or girl friend?

  13. How many girl friend you have?

  14. Which type of girl you like?

  15. Did you kiss sex or touch with your girlfriend?

  16. Which type of thing you like in your girl friend?

  17. What is DAT?

  18. Have you ever gone on DAT?

  19. When and Where you gone?

  20. If I asked you to give your girl friend for one night what will be your reaction?

  21. How you done or complete your sexual urges ?

  22. What thing girls wear under kameez?

  23. If your sister went to supermarket with a stranger boy what you will do?

  24. If a girl put off his clothes what you will do?

  25. If i married with your sister?

  26. If your sister slept on bed without cloths what you will do?

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