Pyschology test ( Story Writing ) Part 1

The third most important series of tests of ISSB psychology assessment demands the candidates to write stories. These are not the stories what we read in childhood but stories which demand concentration and serious mindset. These stories clearly put our thoughts and perceptions on paper and help psychologist make assessment of what we are.

Story writing tests are divided into two parts.
1- In the first part they are shown an image which is mostly a sketch, consisting of some characters or objects. It is in Pakistani terms called story writing test. But its actual psychology name is "Thematic Apprehension Test". ISSB psychologist are asked to look at it carefully for 30 seconds and then we are given 30 more seconds to think of a story which describes the situation in that picture. After that 3 and half min are given to us to write a story on that scene which we have just seen.

Here are a few examples:

Sr No. ISSB Pictures Story Image Solved
1 Solved Idea
2 Solved Idea
3 S Solved Idea
4 Solved Idea