General Knowledge Questions about FASTING (Roza)

  1. Fast means to stop.

  2. Fasting made obligatory in 2nd A.H.

  3. Fasting is commanded in al-Bakarah.

  4. Feed 60 people is the atonement for breaking the fast or sixty sontinuous fasts..

  5. Bab-ul-Riayn is the door for fast observing people.

  6. Tarrawih means to rest.

  7. Battle of Badr was fought in very first of Ramzan on 17th.

  8. Umar arranged the Namaz-e-Tarrawih.

  9. Month of Ramzan is known as Sayeed us Shahoor.

  10. Five days are forbidden for fasting throughout the year.

  11. Wajib means ordained.

  12. 1st Ashra of Ramzan=Ashra-e-Rehmat.

  13. 2nd Ashra=Ashra-e-Maghfirat.

  14. 3rd Ashra=Ashra-e-Nijat.

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