ISSB screen out test

These tests include intelligence and personality tests and are held on the morning of the first day. This test is based on intelligence test in which intelligence of the candidate is calculated by taking three types of tests as follows

1. Verbal

Short verbal M.C.Qs are given in this test for a limited time

2. Non Verbal

In non verbal section M.C.Qs are provided and these questions are based different types of diagrams with different types of shapes and sequences.

3. Mechanical Aptitude Test

In mechanical section mechanical approach of the candidate is examined by different types of mechanisms in various diagrams. Candidate has to solve the questions in limited time.


Try to understand the questions and their patrons you may buy books from market and exercise daily to attempt these questions with in short time.


ISSB General Knowledge Questions

Dams, Rivers and Lakes

Important ISSB Preparation Topics

ISSB Obstacles for female

ISSB Individual Obstacles for Female Candidates In ISSB test there will be obstacles placed for a female candidate is required to complete it in a

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