Your Appearance in ISSB

Appearance makes the man. You should dress up for the occasion. Most of the time you will be asked to attend the Interview in the PT. Kit it is better for you to keep a small pocket Comb and a neat and clean Handkerchief. Freshen up yourself before you set foot in the interviewers room. Your warm smile, excellent etiquette and a firm handshake will be starting point.

As we have brought out earlier, RAPID Fire questions are the order of the. It means you will be asked to answer a number of questions after listening to them just once. Please listen to the question carefully. If you have not understood the question then ask for the clarification. Try and answer the questions in the same sequence as put forth to you.

Since the distance between you and the interviewing officer would be about 6 feet, you are expected to talk in a loud and clear voice. Take your time think and answer questions.DO NOT TELL A LIE. You will be caught.

Interviewing Officers are usually hold the Rank of Colonel or its equivilant rank in the Navy/Air Force.
Here are some of the tips which you wil find it useful while facing the Interviewing officer:

a) Be tidy and well dressed. Wear simple clothes but willo fitting clothes.Do not wear Jewllery

b)On entering the room wish the panel and do what they say.

c) Do not get over anxious. A minor degree of nerveousness is expected from everyone.

d) Be Yourself

e) Be polite and use words like “Please”, “Sir”, Do not sound egoistic.

f) Be natural and never convey extravagant ideas like “I would die for my country” or “The best profession is the Defence Forces”.

g) Do not lie or beat around the bush. If you are not sure of thre answer say that uyou do not know. You are not going to be penalized for say it.

h) Be brief, loud and clear.

i) The major questions like Why do you want to join the Army/Navy/Air Force?. There are no perfect answer to this question. While answering it try to convey 4 or 5 facts such as:



  1. Defence services offers a Challange to a young person.
  2. Merit is given due recognition in te Forces.
  3. I will get an opportuniyt to learn and exprience the latest technological inventions.
  4. I like an out door life rather than a 10 to 5 desk job.
  5. I will get an opporunity to mingle with all sorts of people and persons from different parts of the country.
  6. In my opinioin the Uniformed forces offers reasonable pay and perks.
  7. One of the most respected professions in Indian is that of a soldier.

j) Be truthful in stating your hobbies. be prepared to answer questions about it.

k) High light your achievement in sports, NCC and other extra curricular activites.

l) Current affairs be a regualr reader of magazines and news paper.

m) When a situation is given to you think and answer be very specific and answer in the most practical way.

n) Thasnk the Officer for hois time before you leave the room.


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