General Knowledge of Islam Caliph

General Knowledge About Caliphs of Islam


Periods of Caliphs

  1. Abu Bakar 632-634
  2. Hazrat Umar 634-644
  3. Hazrat Usman 644-656
  4. Hazrat Ali 656-661
  5. Abu Bakar 2y 3m
  6. Hazrat Umar 10y 5m 21d.
  7. Hazrat Usman 12y.
  8. Hazrat Ali 4y 9m.

General Knowledge Questions of Islam Caliph


  1. Real name of Hazrat Abu Bakar was Abdullah (befor Islam- Abdul Kaba).
  2. Apostasy movement took place in the khilafat of Abu Bakar.
  3. Hazrat Abu Bakar died in 22nd of Jamadi-us-Sani 13 AH.
  4. Abu Lulu Feroz, the slave martyred Hazrat Umar Farooq.
  5. Hazrat Umar Farooq was martyred on 1st Muharram 24 A.H.
  6. Hazrat Umar introduced Hijra Calender.
  7. Hazrat Abu Bakar was the merchant of cloth.
  8. Hazat Usman is known as Zul Noorain because he wedded with two daughters of Prophet: Rukya+Umme Qulsoom.
  9. Usman accepted Islam at the instigation of Abu Bakar.
  10. Asadullah & Haider-e-Karar were the epithets of Hazrat Ali.
  11. Ali married Fatima in 2nd Hijra.
  12. Hazrat Ali was born at Khane-e- Kaaba.
  13. Hazrat Ali was martyred on 21st Ramzan 40 A.H.
  14. In Ghazwa Uhad Hazrat Ali was awarded with Zulifqar.
  15. Hazrat Umer accepted islam in 616 A.D.
  16. Hazrat Umar established the office of Qazi.
  17. Hazrat Umar added As Salato Khairum Min Noum.
  18. Usman migrated to Habsha
  19. Hazat Usman participated in all battles except Badr.
  20. In the reign of Usman, Muwaviah established naval fleet.
  21. Only sahabi without seeing Prophet Awais Karni.
  22. Umar levied zakat on horses.
  23. Ali lifted zakat on horses.
  24. Abu Bakr had knowledge of dreams.
  25. Usman added 2nd Azan for Friday prayers.
  26. Atique is the title of Hazrat Abu Bakr.
  27. Hazrat Umar established Department of Police.
  28. Hazrat Umar formed a parliament, namely Majlis-e-Aam.
  29. Ghani was the title of Hazrat Usman (RA).
  30. Hazrat Ali has the title the gateway to knowledge.
  31. Hazrat Ali is buried at Najaf.
  32. Amer bin Aas embraced Islam in 7th Hijra.
  33. Khalild bin Waleed embraced Islam in 7th Hijra.
  34. First Moazin of Islam, Hazrat Bilal.
  35. The home of Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansaari was the first place where the Prophet stayed in Madina Shareef.
  36. The first person sent to spread Islam under the instructions of the Prophet was Mus’ab bin Umair who was sent to Madinah.
  37. The first person to become murtad (out of the folds of Islam) was either Muqees bin Khubaaba or Ubaidullah bin Jahash.
  38. Salah-udin Ayubi conquered Bait ul Muqadas.
  39. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is buried at Baghdad.
  40. Shah Jahan Mosque is at Thatta.
  41. Jibraeel will be first person questioned on Day of Qiyamat.
  42. From amongst the animals, the first animal to be brought back to life will be the Buraaq of Prophet Muhammad.
  43. The first Ibaadat on earth was Tauba (repentance).
  44. The first Mujaddid of Islam is Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz.
  45. First book of Hadith compiled was Muata by Imam Malik.
  46. Mosque of Prophet was damaged due to fire in the reign of Motasim Billah.
  47. Jamia mosque of Damascus was built by Walid bin Malik.
  48. Umm-us-Saheehain is Imam Malik: Mauta.
  49. Mohd: bin Ismael Bukhari comprised of 4,000 hadiths
  50. Bukhari Sharif & Muslim Sharif are called Sahihain.
  51. Imam Tirmazy was a student of Abu Dawood.
  52. Kitab-ul-Kharaj was written by Imam Abu Yousuf.
  53. Mahmood Ghaznavi called kidnapper of scholars.
  54. Mullana Nizam-ud-Din founded the school of Dars-e-Nizamia.
  55. Baqee Billah revolted against Akbar’s deen-e-Ilahi firstly.
  56. Shaikh Ahmed Sirhandi was given the title of Mujadid alf Sani by Mullana Abdul Hakeem.
  57. Baba Fareed Ganj Shakr married to the daughter of Balban.
  58. The first person to make Ijtihaad was Abu Bakr Siddique
  59. Hazrat Abu Zirr Ghaffari is known as the first Dervish.
  60. Abdullah ibn Maz’oom:first person buried in Jannatul Baqi.
  61. Hazrat Umar was the first person to perform Janazah Salat in Jamaat with four Takbeers.
  62. First census of Islamic world in Umer’s period.

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