How to Pass ISSB Psychologist Interview

How to Pass ISSB Psychologist Interview?

The most significant and puzzling stage for a candidate is to pass the ISSB Psychologist Interview during his stay at ISSB. It is considered difficult for many candidates because they have never been appeared to an official interview before this. In this segment you will be informed about psychological interview, who will conduct it, how it will be conducted, questions asked in the interview, how to answer these questions and other useful guidelines.


We have informed you about the day of psychological tests earlier in our segment How to Pass ISSB Psychological Test where different types of tests are performed and the true nature of a candidate is sorted out. These series of tests are then followed by a ISSB Psychologist Interview at the end of the day.

Who carries out the interview?

ISSB Psychologist Interview is carried out by an expert psychologist. Sometimes there is another person in the room along with the interviewer who is basically the “Observer”. His main role is just to examine you and the interview is conducted by the psychologist himself. All your facial expressions and gestures at the time of interview are observed by this observer.

If there is just the psychologist in the room even then he will be observed you deeply.

The interviewer may be a male or a female psychologist but it is not disclosed until you enter the room. It can be happened that you are expecting a male psychologist but end up with a female psychologist.

In such cases, don not be confused or give strange facial expressions to the interviewer.

The environment:

There will be some seats in a lounge for the candidates to wait for their turn. Set of 4-5 candidates will be asked to go in the lounge and they will be informed that in which interview room they have to go; this means that at the same day many psychologists are there to take interview and different candidates will enter into different rooms to give the interview.


ISSB Psychologist Interview’s duration is normally 5 to 10 minutes but this interval can be exceeded or reduced (depends on the situation). There are few candidates whose interview was extended up to twenty (20) minutes and there are also candidates who were free in just 5 to 6 minutes. It depends upon the type of your nature and the way psychologist is interested to know about you.

Questions asked in ISSB Psychological Interview by GTO:

There is a list of main questions which are asked by the psychologist in the psychological interview by GTO.

  1. Expression
  2. Daily activities
  3. Logical questions / Quick Math
  4. About Pakistan Neighborhood countries
  5. Your Ideal personality
  6. Friends
  7. Good and bad things/Merits or Demerits
  8. Events of life
  9. Personal life related questions
  10. Emotional questions
  11. Common Sense Questions

ISSB General Knowledge Questions

Dams, Rivers and Lakes

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