1. NAA: National Airport Authority
  2. NABARD: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. (It helps rural development by providing re-finance facility).
  3. NACIL: National Aviation Company of India Ltd
  4. NADA: National Anti-Doping Agency
  5. NAEP: National Adult Education Programme
  6. NAFTA: North America Free Trade Agreement
  7. NAG: National Air Guard
  8. NAM: Non-aligned Movement
  9. NAMA: Non-Agriculture Market Access
  10. NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (of the U.S.A.)
  11. NASDAQ: National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
  12. NATA: Natural Aptitude Test for Architecture
  13. NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  14. NAV: Net Asset Value
  15. NB: Nota bene; note well, or take notice
  16. NCA: Nuclear Command Authority
  17. NCC: National Cadet Corps
  18. NCEP: National Committee on Environmental Planning
  19. NCERT: National Council of Education Research and Training
  20. NCR: National Capital Region
  21. NDA: National Defence Academy; National Democratic Alliance
  22. NDNC: National Do Not Call (Registry)
  23. NDPS: Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances
  24. NDRF: National Disaster Response Force
  25. NDTL: National Dope Testing Laboratory
  26. NeGP: National e-governance Plan
  27. NEDB: North-Eastern Development Bank
  28. NEPA: National Environment Protection Authority
  29. NEP: National Education Policy
  30. NFO: New Fund Offers
  31. NHDP: National Highways Development Project
  32. NHRC: National Human Rights Commission
  33. NIC: National Integration Council
  34. NIFT: National Institute of Fashion Technology
  35. NIO: National Institute of Oceanography
  36. NIS: National Institute of Sports
  37. NIT: National Institute of Technology
  38. NLMA: National Literacy Mission Authority
  39. NMD: Nuclear Missile Defence
  40. NMDC: National Mineral Development Corporation
  41. NPL: National Physical Laboratory
  42. NPR: National Population Register
  43. NPT: (Nuclear) Non-Proliferation Treaty
  44. NRBI: National Rural Bank of India
  45. NREGA: National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
  46. NREP: National Rural Employment Programme
  47. NRF: National Renewal Fund
  48. NRI: Non-Resident Indian
  49. NRR: National Reproduction Rate
  50. NRSA: National Remote Sensing Agency
  51. NSA: National Security Act
  52. NSC: National Service Corps; National Security Council
  53. NSDL: National Securities Depository Limited
  54. NSE: National Stock Exchange
  55. NSR: National Skills Registry
  56. NTPC: National Thermal Power Corporation
  57. NWDA: National Water Development Agency
  58. NWRC: National Water Resources Council

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