1. PAC: Political Affairs Committee; Public Accounts Committee
  2. PACER: Programme for Acceleration of Commercial Energy Research
  3. PATA: Pacific-Asia Travel Association
  4. PAN: Permanent Account Number (of Income-Tax)
  5. PCS: Public Civil Service; Punjab Civil Service
  6. PIB: Press Information Bureau
  7. Pin Code: Postal Index Number Code
  8. PIO: Persons of Indian Origin
  9. PLF: Plant Load Factor
  10. PM: Post Meridiem; after-noon; also Postmaster; Prime Minister; post-mortem (after death)
  11. PMG: Postmaster General
  12. PN: Participatory Note
  13. PO: Post Office; Postal Order
  14. POPs: Persistent Organic Pollutants; Point of Purchase
  15. POTA: Prevention of Terrorism Act
  16. POW: Prisoner of War
  17. PP: Public Prosecutor; Particular Person
  18. PRO: Public Relations Officer
  19. PS: Post Scriptum; Post Script; written after
  20. PSC: Public Service Commission
  21. PSE: Public Sector Enterprises
  22. PSLV: Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
  23. PTA: Preferential Trade Area
  24. PTI: Press Trust of India
  25. PTO: Please Turn Over; Privilege Ticket Order
  26. PUFA: Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids
  27. PVC: Param Vir Chakra
  28. PVSM: Param Vishisht Sewa Medal
  29. PWD: Public Works Department

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