1. TA: Travelling Allowance; Territorial Army
  2. TAAI: Travel Agents Association of India
  3. TACDE: Tactics and Air Combat Development Establishment
  4. TADA: Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act
  5. TAPS: Tarapur Atomic Power Station
  6. TB: Tuberculosis
  7. TDC: Transport Development Council
  8. TDS: Tax Deduction at Source
  9. TDSAT: Telecom Dispute Settlement Appellate Tribunal
  10. TERLS: Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station
  11. TIFR: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
  12. TIN: Tax Information Network
  13. TINXSYS: Tax Information Exchange System
  14. TISCO: Tata Iron and Steel Company
  15. TMC: Terrain Mapping Camera
  16. TMO: Telegraphic Money Order
  17. TNT: Tri-nitro-toluene (high explosive)
  18. TPP: 20-Point Programme
  19. TRAI: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
  20. TRIMs: Trade Related Investment Measures
  21. TRIPS: Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights
  22. TRP: Television Rating Points; Tax Return Preparer
  23. TRYSEM: Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment
  24. TTE: Travelling Ticket Examiner
  25. TTF: Tourism Task Force

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