1. FAO: Food and Agriculture Organisation
  2. FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation (of the U.S.A.)
  3. FCNR: Foreign Currency (non-resident) Accounts Scheme
  4. FDR: Flight Data Recorder; Fixed Deposit Receipt
  5. FEMA: Foreign Exchange Management Act
  6. FERA: Foreign Exchange Regulations Act
  7. FICCI: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  8. FII: Foreign Institutional Investors
  9. FIPB: Foreign Investment Promotion Board (of India)
  10. FLAG: Fibre Optic Link Around the Globe
  11. FM: Field Marshal; Frequency Modulated
  12. FPSB: Financial Planning Standards Boards (India)
  13. FRBM: Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management
  14. FSSA: Food Safety and Standards Authority (of India)
  15. FTA: Free Trade Area
  16. FTP: File Transfer Protocol

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