Inserting of missing letter

Example 1: Day is to night as truth is to ——- .

Ans: “Falsehood”.

(In this sentence the missing word falsehood has been inserted)

Example 2: Man is to run as bird is to ———

Answers: Fly, Run, Weak

(correct answer is Fly)


ISSB General Knowledge Questions

Important ISSB Preparation Topics


In this test candidate have to make sentences with words displayed on projector. Number of words are 100 and time duration between two words is

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ISSB 7 key Points

Commitment, jazba, the desire to do something in life Doing what they ask you to do, to the best of your ability, without worry of what

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Abbreviation Questions in Issb Test

Following are the abbreviations asked in I.S.S.B interviews. Abbreviations Abbreviations Of ADC Agriculture development corporation AEC Atomic energy commission AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIR

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