ISSB Out Door Test

Group Tests. In group tests the candidates are put through a number of standardized situations to find out the degree of officer like qualities in a candidate i.e., team spirit, initiative, resourcefulness etc, and whether the candidate’s personality fits him for a practical role that an officer has to play in the Armed Forces. For these tests, the candidates are divided into groups.

The tests include:-

Group Discussion:

Informal discussions are conducted in a group on given subjects.

Group Planning:

A group plan for a given problem on the model is to be evolved.

Group Tasks:

Three group tasks are conducted in which candidates are presented practical situation and left to solve these. Normally these comprise obstacles over which the group is required to carry objects of sufficient bulk and weight.

Command Tasks:

Each candidate is in turn appointed the commander of the group and given a practical task requiring several men.

Individual Obstacles:

Simple obstacles which a candidate is required to tackle.


ISSB General Knowledge Questions

Dams, Rivers and Lakes

Important ISSB Preparation Topics

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