ISSB Picture Story Writing Tips and Samples

ISSB Picture Story Writing Tips and Samples


The third most essential test to judge a candidate is the ISSB Picture Story Writing. In this test you have to write a story about a picture which is shown on the multimedia. These pictures are sketch pictures with no colours. A picture has different things or characters and you have to write a story about it. This is done to assess the nature of insight of a person and is very strong tool for psychologists. ISSB Picture Story Writing is also called Thematic Apprehension Test in psychological term.


Number of Pictures:

Four (4) pictures will be shown to you on the multimedia. Each picture will be shown for a limited period of time so that you can write down a story.



One picture will be shown for thirty (30) seconds and then more 30 seconds will be given to you to make a story about it. After that, you will be given 3 & half minutes to write down a story. For other 3 pictures, the same process will be repeated.

Tips to attempt ISSB Picture Story Writing

There are some of the helpful tips to handle the ISSB Picture Story Writing.


  1. Watch the picture carefully. Observe the information given in the Picture like characters, expressions, actions, objects and the surroundings.
  2. In the 30 seconds, make an idea or a story out of that picture. You must have to think a story immediately.
  3. Your story must be related to the picture shown.
  4. If you write an irrelevant story then you will waste your time.
  5. Your story must have 12 lines approximately.
  6. End of story must have a complete idea about the story/picture.
  7. Your writing must be readable.
  8. Write your own thoughts and do not copy the ideas of others.
  9. Never ask about picture’s depiction from an ISSB staff member.
  10. If you have any spare time after completing your story then try to read it once again.
  11. Do not hesitate and write what your mind says about the picture.

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