What to bring with you and what are prohibited items?

You are advised to bring your clothing according to the prevalent weather.

  1. Shorts white (1 Pair)
  2. Canvas Shoes/Joggers (1 Pair)
  3. Socks White (1 Pair)
  4. Vest or sports shirt white (1 Pair)
  5. Pull-over or Jersey(in winter) (1 Pair) For Female Candidates
  6. Track Suit (1 Pair)
  7. Canvas Shoes/Joggers (1 Pair)
  8. Socks White (1 Pair)
  9. Vest or sports shirt white (1 Pair)
  10. Pull-over or Jersey(in winter) (1 Pair)


Above items are also available with ISSB canteen on payment.
Candidates are expected to appear before the Selection Board with a clean and smart posture. In this regard, following dress may be worn during Group Discussion, Group Planning and Interview with proper hair cut and shave. Summer:
Shalwar Qameez /Shirt and Trousers Winter:
Shalwar Qameez / Lounge Suit / Combination or shirt, Trousers and Pull over /Jersey. Specific to Female Candidate

  1. You may wear any respectable dress according to norms of our society.
  2. Also bring along Set of Hair band/safety pins.
  3. Nails Should be finely trimmed.
  4. Hair Should be Neatly tied.
  5. No jewelry item is to be worn during IOs (obstacles/Tasks).
  6. For outdoor task you will be required to wear Tracksuit.

Prohibited Items
Candidates must not bring following items in ISSB:

  1. Camera (all types)
  2. Audio – visual items
  3. Knife / Sharp weapon
  4. Mobile Phone
  5. Pets
  6. Liquors/ Drugs
  7. Fire Arms
  8. Government banned items
  9. Any valuable items
  10. Large sum of money

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