ISSB Test Schedule

Arrival Day:

1- Reception

2- Checking of Documents

3- Allotment of ID / Chest numbers

4- Photographs

5- Administration Staff’s address

6- Completion of Board Questionnaires

1st Day

1- Opening Address by a Deputy President.

2- Intelligence Tests

3- Announcement of screening out result

4- Remaining Psychological Tests
(Screened out Candidates will not attend the subsequent tests)

2nd Day

1- Briefing

2- Indoor Tasks

3- Group Discussion

4- Group Planning

5- Outdoor Tasks

6- Progressive Group Task (PGT)

7- Half Group Task (HGT)

8- Interviews

3rd Day

1- Individual Obstacles.

2- Command Task

3- Final Group Task (FGT)

4- Interviews (leftovers)

4th Day

1- Re-Interview ( Few Candidates)

2- Re-Obstacles ( Few Candidates)

3- Conferences

4- Preparation of all the results

5- Dispersal of candidates


ISSB General Knowledge Questions

Important ISSB Preparation Topics

ISSB Obstacles for female

ISSB Individual Obstacles for Female Candidates In ISSB test there will be obstacles placed for a female candidate is required to complete it in a

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In this test candidate have to make sentences with words displayed on projector. Number of words are 100 and time duration between two words is

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ISSB Test Key points for success

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