ISSB Verbal Intelligence Past Paper Questions

  • If 28th day of a month is Sunday then the 2nd day will be Tuesday.
  • If yesterday was Sunday then the day after tommorow will be Wednesday.
  • If 4th day of a month is Friday then 19th day will be Saturday.
  • 90% of 90 is 81.
  • One third of 10% of 90 is 3.
  • One third of 10% of 120 is 4.
  • There are Seven months in a year having 30 days.
  • If 1 man write 5 papers in 5 minutes then, 1 man will write 1 paper in 1 minute.
  • Out of 500 students, 360 are boys.The percentage of girls will be 28%.
  • 2+2/2=3
  • Quarter of one tenth of 120 is 3.
  • There are 30 passengers in a bus.2/3 of them are men then the percentage of women is 33.33%.
  • Ali bought a pen for Rs 30 and sold it for Rs 40.Profit will be 33.33%.
  • Point out the different from the following:
  • Angle, Rectangle, Square, Hexagon (Angle is answer)
  • Cricket, Football, Tennis, Baseball (Football is answer)
  • Hockey, Football, Basketball, Baseball,
  • Tennis
  • (Ans is Football)
  • Wheat, Hay,Rice,Barley
  • (Hay is answer)
  • Monkey,Ape,Chimpanzee,Panda,Baboon (Ans is Panda).
  • America,Africa,Asia,Euro
  • (Euro is answer)
  • If 4th day of month is Tuesday then the 26th day of month will be Wednesday.
  • There are 30 passengers in a bus.2/3 of them are men then the number of women are 10.
  • A man walked towards north then he turns left.After some time he turned right, then the present direction will be North.
  • Complete the following series.
  • 115 55  170 65 235 ? ( Answer is 75)
  • 66 63 57 45 ? (Ans is 21)
  • 2,6,14,30,62 ? (Ans is 126) 
  • B,E,J,Q ? (Ans is Z)
  • A,C,F,J,O ? (Ans is U)
  • L,M,N ? (Ans is O)
  • If 4th day of month is Sunday then 19th day will be Monday.
  • If 14th day of month is Sunday then 4th day of month will be Thursday.
  • (Choose the most appropriate answer from the options.)
  • Parents give education to their children to Groom them.
  • We boil milk to kill germs.
  • If yesterday was Friday then the day after tomorrow will be Monday.
  • A train speed is twice as that of car.If car covers 60km in one hour then how much distance train will cover in 30 minutes. (Answer is 60 km)
  • Bat cannot Sea and Snake cannot Hear.
  • Sound of Eagle is Scream.
  • Half of 9/90 is 1/5 or 0.2.
  • In a class of 1500 students, 1200 are present then the percentage of absent students will be 20 %.
  • If my brother’s sister is your mother,the who I am to you? (Answer is Uncle)
  • If 1st day of month is Monday, then the 12th day of month will be Saturday.
  • If 5 men write 5 pages in 5 minutes,then 1 man will write 1 page in 5 minutes.
  • Train speed is double than that of car and the car travels 30 km in 1 hour.How much distance train will cover in 30 minutes.(Answer is 30 km)
  • 31.If a man travel 90km in 1 hour and 40 minutes.He will cover 1km in 0.9 minute.
  • 32.80 % of 90 is 72.
  • 33.In a class room out of 1500 students,1200 are present,find % of present students. (Ans is 80%)
  • 34.If Second day of a month is Monday then the 12th day will be Friday.
  • 36.If 2nd day of month is Sunday then 23rd day will be Sunday.
  • 37.(2+2)=8.
  • 38.One third of 120 is 40.
  • 39.If one dozen pencil price is 27, then price of 4 pencils is 9.
  • 40.Ali moves toward north side after some time he turns left then again turn left, his present direction is South.
  • 41.Out of 500 students 340 are present, percentage of absent will be 32%.
  • 42.Train is moving with speed of 90 Km/h. How much distance it will cover in 12 mints? (Ans is 18Km).
  • 43.A man cover 20Km in one hour and 40 mints, then he will cover 1km in 0.2 mints.



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