In this test candidate have to make sentences with words which displayed on projector. 
The number of words are 100 & time duration between two words is 9 to 10 seconds. Following are the most popular words used in I.S.S.B Test.

The words are easy and of day to day usage. The time given to the candidates is so short in which they have to write down the very first thought that comes after seeing the word. 

The psychologists analyze the attitudes,  personality traits and feelings on the basis of these natural reactions of the candidates to specific words.


There can be no ready made solutions to the word association test. However, with a little bit of practice the candidates can choose correct sentence. The negative, pessimistic,  pervert and counter-productive feelings must be avoided whereas positive feelings of success, honesty, respectfulness, uprightness, optimism, humanism, etc should be highlighted.

For example, the word “failure”, can be used as “Failure cannot always be avoided”, or “Failures are the pillars of success”. Whereas the former sentence depicts pessimism and defeat, the latter sentence shows how a negative word can also be used in a positive manner.

On similar lines the candidates must prepare himself beforehand for words like defeat, death, disease wrong, etc. It must be ensured that the sentences used are small and convey some positive aspect of one’s psyche.

Due care must be taken to ensure that the sentences do not depict the feeling of fear, insecurity, anxiety, cowardice, etc. To do well in this test the candidates must practice with several sets of words and do the self appraisal. 


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