Mountains and Ranges of Pakistan

General Knowledge Questions in Past Papers related to Mountains of Pakistan


The convergence of three major mountain ranges: Himalaya, Karakoram  (second highest in the world), and Hindukush has been a unique geographical landmark on earth. These are located at the confluence of the Indus and Gilgit rivers near Jaglot – a small town 40 km south of Gilgit city.


Pakistan has more than a hundred peaks that are above 7,000 meters. Out of the world’s 14 highest peaks, five are found to be in Pakistan (8,600 meters to 28,000 feet).

They are a famous sight of attraction for geologists and climbers from all over the world.


This blog will discuss some of the major mountain ranges in Pakistan. This list also includes some of the peaks that are generally categorized as independent mountains. Instead, they are deemed as subpeaks of other mountains, on account of low topographic prominence.

Mountains and Ranges of Pakistan


Sr.No Mountain Range Elevation Highest Peak Location Length
1 Himalayas 8,848.86 m Mount Everest, Nepal and Tibet Pakistan, Bhutan, China, India, and Nepal 24,000 km
2 Hindu Kush 7,708 m Tirich Mir Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan 800km
3 Karakoram 8,610 m Mount Godwin Austen China and Pakistan 1316 km
4 Nanga Parbat 8,126 m Gilgit-Baltistan 190 km
5 Safed Koh 4,755 m Mount Sikaram Afghanistan and Pakistan
6 Kirthar 2,260 m Zardak Sindh and Balochistan 300 km
7 Salt Range 1,522 m Sakesar (west) and Massif Chel (east) Kallar Kahar
8 Sulaiman 3,487 m Takht-e-Sulaiman (throne of Sulaiman) Afghanistan and Pakistan

General Knowledge Questions about Mountains of Pakistan


  1. The highest peak of Himalayas range in Pakistan is Nanga parbat.
  2. The highest peak of Karakoram Range in Pakistan is K-2.
  3. K-2 is the highest peak of Pakistan.
  4. K-2 peak is the 2nd highest peak of the world .
  5. K-2 is also known Goodwin Austin.
  6. K-2 is present in Krakoram mountain range .
  7. Karakoram Range links China with Pakistan.
  8. Hindukash range separates Pakistan from Afghanistan .
  9. The height of Trichmir peak is 7690 meters.
  10. The salt range is situated between rivers soan and Jhelum.
  11. The height of Nanga parbat peak is 8126 meters.
  12. The height of Himalaya range increases as it moves from south to north .
  13. Nanga parbat mountain peaks is called killer mountain.
  14. The total height of K-2 peak is 8611 meters.
  15. Skaram is the highest peak of the Koh-e-Sufaid range.
  16. the maximum height of Khirthar range is2150 meters.
  17. The highest peak of Hindukush range in Pakistan is Trichmir.
  18. The highest peak of salt range is sakasar.
  19. The highest peak of Koh-e- Sulaiman range is Takhat-e- Sulaiman.
  20. The average height Karakoram Range is7000 meters.
  21. Ashraf Anan was the first Pakistani to climb the K-2.
  22. Five peaks In Pakistan there are higher than 8000 meters.
  23. The height of broad peak is 8047 meters.
  24. In 1957 the broad peak was first climbed.
  25. The height of Takhat-e-sulaiman peak is 3500 meters.
  26. The height of sakasar peak is 1500 meters.



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