Story writing Tips in ISSB Test

Some points to keep in mind while writing a story, how to attempt them, what to write in those stories. here they are:

1. Take a while to actually think of a story before stating to write. 5 to 10 sec are enough if you have practiced at your home. Those who dont practice sit idle for 30 sec but still cant come up with a plot for the story. “Practice makes a man perfect”.

2. Do not write childish stories like ” She was walking alone on a road at night when all of a sudden….. a lion came before her and she started screaming then superman came for her rescue” Try to make a little bit practical stories like “she saw an army jeep coming towards her, it stopped near her and a major came out, he asked what are you doing out so late, she told that her father is sick at home and all of the family is out of town, she couldn’t find anyone to help so she took the courage and went on her own to go to near by Cantonment hospital, Major made a wireless call for an ambulance and took the girl to her home to her father. Ambulance came and took him to hospital and he recovered”. This story although is quite short and does not satisfy the few rules ill mention but it makes a negative situation quite positive, clears any doubts, and shows courage and decision making ability.

3. As sentence story more difficult then picture story. Because in picture story u can carve out anything.

4. In case of picture story you need to look at the picture, think of something relating to the situation. try to include each and every character in the picture and the surroundings.

5. Usually the following sequence is adopted… first 2 ,3 lines give an introduction of the main character and PAST. 2, 3 lines tell about the PRESENT and what is happening in the picture and the last 2 3 lines tell about some positive future happening from this scene.

6. Usuallay ISSB repeater candidates observed that similar psychology test and the picturee showed a boy sitting on stairs. Someone made a story such as “Ali is in class 5, today he got his final result and he stood first in his class, he is very happy. He is now sitting on the stairs waiting for his father to come so that he can tell the good news to him. His father a laborer when came home in the evening was so delighted to hear the news. He was proud of his son’s achievement. Ali continued his successful record and became an engineer”.

7. You would have to write 5 to 6 stories in total, Do not include Army in all the stories. At maximum include army/navy /airforce in 3 stories. Like in above example you can write, he joined armed forces of Pakistan.

8. Try to include something of your past in the stories, to make them more real. Like some canididate may be included 5th class because he got a scholarship and he did mention it in his bio data form, meaning that he has to relate himself to them.

9. Try to avoid accidents, tragedy, death, in the stories.


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