ISSB Individual Obstacle Tasks

It is the individual task of each candidate, where candidate has to face every obstacle or hindrance or restriction in his individual or personal manner.

These obstacles are usually 10 in number which are to tackled by a candidate in a brief time of 3 minutes only.

ISSB Individual Obstacles Types

  1. Long jump.
  2. Walking over inclined small wooden planks.
  3. Crawling like a monkey.
  4. Waking across parallel ropes.
  5. Rope climbing
  6. Passing through tyre.
  7. Tarzan swing
  8. Tarzan jump.
  9. Crossing over horizontal plank.
  10. Running over inclined plank.

ISSB General Knowledge Questions

Important ISSB Preparation Topics


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ISSB 7 key Points

Commitment, jazba, the desire to do something in life Doing what they ask you to do, to the best of your ability, without worry of what

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Abbreviation Questions in Issb Test

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