Merits and De-merits writing in ISSB

In this test the candidates are asked to write their own merits and demerits. This test gives an idea to psychologist about the candidate’s qualities which he likes and dislikes in his personality or in other words the qualities which he want to adopt or remove from his personality. It also reflects the weakness and goodness of the candidate.

Helpful tips for merits and De-merits writing in ISSB

  1. Write your original merits and demerits.
  2. Write merits and demerits which are visible to others
  3. Try to write 5 merits and 5 demerits
  4. Write merits and De-merits which effect people around you.

ISSB Merits And Demerits Tips

DO NOT copy the merits and demerits which are not matched by your personality.

If you will write the merits which are NOT present in your personality, you will be caught by the Psychologist.

Merits Examples For ISSB

  1. Courageous
  2. Good Manner
  3. Optimistic
  4. Cool Minded
  5. Punctual
  6. Sincere
  7. Patriot
  8. Social
  9. Helper
  10. Co-operative
  11. Honest
  12. Responsible
  13. Faithfulness
  14. Confident
  15. Flexible
  16. Kind
  17. Humorous

Demerits Examples For ISSB

  1. Speak Loudly
  2. Shy
  3. Rush
  4. Talkative
  5. Use Mobile Too Much
  6. Having Weak General knowledge
  7. Excessive use of mobile
  8. Sleep Late
  9. Bookish
  10. Naughty

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