ISSB Questions Related to Academic


1- How many alphabets present in English.

2- Parts of speech

3- Homophones

4- Vowels

Translate into English

1- Wo aap ki kiya legta hai

2- Ye road kaha jati hai

3- Woh Zaroor Yahan Ahna Chahta hah

4- Jiski Lathi uski Bhens

5- woh tumhara kia lagta hah,

6- mai ne us se aek letter likhwaya,

7- kal raat se bht taez Barish horahe hah

8- Jiski Lathi uski Bhens

9- Woh Zaroor Yahan Ahna Chahta hah


Define the following ?

1- viscosity and factors effect on viscosity what is the relation b/w viscosity and temperature

2- covalent bound

3- Boyle ‘s law

4- Charles law hydrolysis

5- density

6- Avogadro number

7- isotopes

8- internal energy

9- Pascal law

10- enthalpy

11- bound energy

12- ionic bound

13- isotopes of carbon

14- boiling point

15- Avogadro law


Ammonium nitrate –NH4NO3


Define the following ?

1- Force

2- adiabatic process

3- all three laws of Newton

4- bulk modules

5- isothermal process

6- ohm ‘s law

7- columns law

8- transverse wave

9- gausses law

10- friction

11- photoelectric effect

12- resistance

13- what is speed of light and sound in vacuum and without vacuum

14- escape velocity

15- isochoric process

16- Critical angel

17- trajectory of projectile

18- laminar flow

19- inertia

20- projectile motion

21- null vector

22- artificial gravity

23- Doppler effect


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