Abbreviation Questions in Issb Test

Following are the abbreviations asked in I.S.S.B interviews.

Abbreviations Abbreviations Of
ADC Agriculture development corporation
AEC Atomic energy commission
AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIR Air India radio
AM Anti mesidum
AMC Army medical corps
APEC Asia pacific economic cooperation
APNS All Pakistan news society
APWA All Pakistan women association
ASC Army supply core
ASEAN Association of south east assia association
BBC British broadcasting corporation
APEC Asia pacific economic cooperation
BCCP Board of control of cricket in Pakistan
BRB Bombanwal ravi baidian link canal
CBR Central board of revenue
CEC Chief of election Commission
CENTC central treaty organization
CIA Central Intelligence agency
CID Criminal Investigation department
CSP Civil service of Pakistan
CSS Civil superior services
CTBT Comprehensive test ban treaty
DIG Deputy inspector general
ECO Economic cooperation organization
EPB Export promotion bureau
FANA Federally administrated northern areas
FAR Federation of Arab republic
FATA Federally administrated tribal area
FIR First information report
GCC Gulf cooperation council
GHQ General head quarters
GT ROAD Grand trunk road
GTO Group testing officer
IATA International air transport association
IBM International business machines
IBRD International Bank For Reconstruction And Development
ICC International Cricket Council
ICJ International Court of Justice
IDBP Industrial Bank of Pakistan
ILO International Labor Organization
IMF International Monitoring Fund
ISPR Inter Services Public Relation
KANUPP Karachi Nuclear Power Plant
KKA Karakram Agency
KKH Karakram Highway

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