ISSB Non Verbal Series Test 9

Non Verbal Intelligence Tests for short service commission IT Branch

 These non-verbal intelligence test covers following topics,

1.     pak army short service commission 2022 test preparation

2.     short service commission in pak army test preparation

3.     short service commission navy test preparation

4.   short service commission in PAF test preparation 


Candidates can join Pak Army in different fields of branches like  mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, English, Political Science, History, Islamic Studies/ Arabic, Management Science, Geography or GIS, ICTOs, Aeronautical Engineering, Psychologists and DVM. Candidate must have Master degree.



Students who wish to apply through Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC), they can find all procedure for online registration, and procedure here. Moreover, they can find all types of Intelligence Tests including Verbal Intelligence tests and Non Verbal Intelligence Tests, and academic tests related to their subject concerned are given.


ISSB General Knowledge Questions

Dams, Rivers and Lakes

Important ISSB Preparation Topics

ISSB Obstacles for female

ISSB Individual Obstacles for Female Candidates In ISSB test there will be obstacles placed for a female candidate is required to complete it in a

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