1. OAS: Organisation of American States
  2. OAU: Organisation of African Unity
  3. OBC: Other Backward Communities
  4. OBU: Offshore Banking Unit
  5. ODA: Official Development Assistance
  6. ODF: Open Document Format
  7. ODS: Ozone Depletion Substances
  8. OECD: Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development
  9. OGL: Open General Licence
  10. OIC: Organisation of Islamic Countries
  11. OIGS: On India Government Service
  12. OIL: Oil India Limited
  13. OM: Order of Merit
  14. ONGC: Oil and Natural Gas Commission
  15. OPEC: Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  16. OSCE: Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe
  17. OSD: Officer on Special Duty
  18. OXML: Open Extended Marking Language

ISSB General Knowledge Questions

Dams, Rivers and Lakes

Important ISSB Preparation Topics

ISSB Obstacles for female

ISSB Individual Obstacles for Female Candidates In ISSB test there will be obstacles placed for a female candidate is required to complete it in a

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