ISSB Screen Out Test 1

This test is based on intelligence test in which intelligence of the candidate is calculated by taking three types of tests as follows

1. Verbal:

Short verbal M.C.Qs are given in this test for a limited time.

2. Non Verbal:

In non verbal section M.C.Qs are provided and these questions are based different types of diagrams with different types of shapes and sequences.

3. Mechanical Aptitude Test:

In mechanical section mechanical approach of the candidate is examined by different types of mechanisms in various diagrams. Candidate has to solve the questions in limited time.

Verbal Tests:

In Verbal Tests, the items are expressed in language forms. These tests are of various types, like; Inserting of missing letter.
Example 1: Day is to night as truth is to “Falsehood”. (In this sentence the missing word falsehood has been inserted)

Example 2: Man is to run as bird is to ———

Answers: Fly, Run, Weak (correct answer is Fly),

Inserting of missing number or figure
Example 3: Complete the series:
2, 6, 9, 13, 16, –, –In missing figure questions, a series of drawing or patterns or designs are arranged in the particular pattern and the candidate is asked to choose the required figures out of the choices indicated, which will come next in the series. These are the non-verbal types of tests.

Words Forming:

This test measure the ability of the candidate in word building. Here, the words are built either by prefixing (before) or suffixing (fixing at the end) new letters or taking off from or adding new letters to the body of the words.
Example: Imagine a single letter which when added to the body of the following words forms entirely new words;

The candidate will see that if the word R is added to each of the given words then new words will be; FIRST, TRICK, HEART, BURST
Hence the answer is R

Jumbled Words:

The word jumble means to be mixed together without order.

Example: Which choice mentions the last letter of the word from the following jumbled spelling?

1)L  2)B  3)F  4)T

Answer: L (the correct word is Football)

Formation of correct sentence:

Example: Rearrange the following jumbled words to form a sensible sentence.

1. The bud nipped must be evil in the.

2.All cats are not cats but all animals are animals.

3. One of the foretell to shape things cannot come.


1. The evil must be nipped in the bud.

2. All cats are animals but all animals are not cats.

3. One cannot foretell the shape of things to come.

General knowledge tests:

This is a test of general knowledge where the candidate is required to keep his general knowledge up to date.

Alphabetical test:

This test is based on alphabets. If a candidate has sharp memory then this question becomes quite simple.

Example: It takes 3 minutes to boil an egg. How much times will it take to boil 6 eggs together?

Answer: 3

Completion test:

In this test, some letters of the words, whose meaning are given against them are missing, the candidate is asked to fill in those missing letters.

Example: Insert suitable letters in the following:

(1)-ar-e (big)

(2)quick-y (fast)

(3)-h-rt (not tall)

(4)-m-ll (not big)

(5)-LL-H (creator)

Answer: (2) L G (2)L (3)S O (4)S A (5)AA

Synonym test:

The word synonym means “a name or word having the same meaning with another”

Example: Write the number of the pair of the words which do not possess the same kind of meaning as the others?

(1)Honesty and Integrity

(2)Bondage and Freedom

(3)Risk and Danger

(4)Pain and Agony

Answer: (2)

Direction test:

This test required a keen sense of section. The candidate must remember the distance covered in the direction. This will help him to answer the question correctly.

Example: If you start from point A and walk 5 miles towards the west, then turn right and walk 4 miles towards the north, then turn right again and walk 3 miles, then which choices mentions the direction in which you are going?

Answer: East

Spotting the stranger:

The candidates are supplied a group of words or numerical values in this test. Some of the words in group relate to one particular class but one or more words do not belong to that class.

Example: Write the number of the subject which is dissimilar from the other subjects;

Choices: Principal, Professor, Headmaster, Teacher, Students

Answer: ‘Student’

Coding and decoding:

Giving code or artificial values to letter of alphabet. The word code means “a collection of digit of law or a system of rules and regulations” . Letters of alphabets in this test do not stand for themselves but for some other letters.

Example: if Y C V G T means W A T E R then what does H K T G mean?

Solution: In this question;

Y stands for W

C stands for A

V stands for T

G stands for E

T stands for R

A careful observation brings out that each letter in the alphabets stands for the letter two paces preceding it. Using the same principle, the letter H K T G will stand for F I R E.

Commonsense test:

This is a simple and easy test and it required only a common sence.

Example: 5 years ago, khalid was 10 years older then ali. What is the difference between their ages at present?

Answer: 10

Multiple choice test:

In this test, an incomplete statement is followed by some alternative choices as answers. The candidate is asked to chose one or more suitable choices of answers that complete the question or the statement.

Example: Which choice answers the following question?

Islamabad is famous because;

(1)It is very clear city.

(2) Numerous foreigners live in it.

(3) The president lives in it.

(4) It is the capital of Pakistan.

Answer: (4)

Arithmetic test:

These type of tests involves some arithmetic values which are added, multiplied, divide, subtracted by some other numerical values.


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