Picture Story sloved of ISSB Test

Important Guidelines for ISSB Picture Story Writing Test


1.       Your story must be relate able to the picture shown.

2.       The Irrelevant details if written will waste your own time.

3.       To write approximately 12 lines.

4.       To Watch the picture carefully. Notice the details like characters, expressions, actions, objects and the surroundings.

5.       To Make an idea or a story out of that picture in the 30 seconds provided to you. You have to think of a story quickly.

6.       Try to end your story by writing the complete concept you want to deliver.

7.       Your writing must be illegible.

8.       Write your own idea and do not copy the ideas of others.

9.       Never ask for picture description from an ISSB staff member.

10.   Once completed and got any time left then try to read it once again.


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